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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Tinymce multiple textareas block problem

Problem :

I am using Internet Explorer , I have 4 text editors in one page all TimyMCE , the problem I am facing is that I am able to enter text in first editor however when I click on next textarea I can't type anything in it however I can see the cursor blinking in it

I have also noticed
  1. If i use tab to go to 2nd editor I am able to type , but when I use mouse to click on that textarea I can't type.
  2. I have waited for enough time to allow scipts to be loaded properly but I still face the same problme.
I am running Internet explorer in below mode

meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=8"  Shifitng it to IE=9 seems to resolve problems , but I want to run my application as IE=8. 

Solution :

I found that the latest TinyMCE editor version 4.X was not working very welll will the older browser compatibility IE=8 , being in that mode is a must for me right now because of some other dependent scripts which create problems in IE=9 .
So I decided to use an older version of TinyMCE 3.X which appeared to be compatable and now the applicaiotn is working fine.


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