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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Common mistakes done in applications which can give a hacker full knowledge of your database

Its a bad practice to throw the whole exception message on the client console , if the exception is a jdbc exception throwed because of an error in update,  any error in trigger execution e.t.c the raw exception stack trace has a lot of information about the tables in database fields in it and business rules implenented which caused this exception. This is a lot for a hacker he can easily build a knowledge base based on these exceptions,  validations and business rules implemented in your database,  infact your whole database can be open to him.
Its therefor a bad practice to let the presentation layer see the raw jdbc exception stack trace instead application developers should try to develop the wrapper exceptions and should try to show only relevent exception data on presentation layer.

Note : "I recently had a chance to work with a very good consultant from Mcafee, he told me that this is one of the main reasons hackers can hack the most secured applications easily once they hv access to the application they try different operations to cause the exceptions and build their knowledge by looking into the different exception". This was a very good informative session where I learnt a lot I will be writing more blogs on it so keep your fingers crossed and wait for some more good blog posts: ).

Saturday, August 4, 2012

java.sql.SQLSyntaxErrorException: ORA-01722: invalid number

One possible reason for java.sql.SQLSyntaxErrorException: ORA-01722: invalid number and it's solution

I encountered this exception today and the cause of it was very obvious and eventually I learned a very good practice out of it

Below is the query I was trying to execute

select * from a_table where bi_num= 60

Surprisingly this query was showing me some results in PL\ SQL developer initially but when I tried to fetch the complete result set it gave me this "ORA-01722: invalid number" exception.

Reason :

As you can see the name of the field "bi_num" gave me a feeling that it is a number field in oracle that is why I had the numeric comparison in query , but bi_num was eventually declared as varchar field in the database and in some records it had values which could have been converted to number the other records had no numeric values. When oracle was trying to fetch the data according to condition in query, because of comparison with a number oracle was trying to convert values in bi_num to number.
For few records it worked but the records having string values of course oracle couldn't convert those to number and gave me "ORA-01722: invalid number" exception.


After understanding the problem solution was very simple , I changed the query to have a string comparison like below

select * from a_table where bi_num= '60'

So now oracle will always do the string comparison and will not convert values to numbers.

I hope this will help someone out there :).