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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Crystal report passing string date parameter to a report from my jsp page

Problem Statement :

Just found out that passing a string attribute from my jsp page to a crystal report is not working and the report was asking for the date parameter again.

Solution :

Thanks to a thread on stackoverflow , the solution was to create date string as

#9/25/2014# and then pass it to crystal report from my page and now it's working fine.


Monday, September 8, 2014

Eclipse saving workbench state hangs

I followed the below instructions in the blog

  • Make a backup of your “.metadata“-folder (very important!!) (this folder inside teh eclipse workbench/workspace folder)
  • navigate into the “.plugins“-folder located inside “.metadata
  • delete the folder “org.eclipse.ui.workbench
  • startup eclipse again and check if there is still everything you need


    and the problem was resolved , now when I close my eclipse it doesn't hang at saving workbench state.

    infact I have noticed that the eclipse is starting a closing faster than before.

    Usefull Oracle Database Queries

    Get the details of important oracle parameters such as "PASSWORD_LOCK_TIME" and "SESSIONS_PER_USER" etc

    select * from dba_profiles order by profiles

    Get the Name of the oracle instance

    SELECT sys_context('USERENV','DB_NAME') AS Instance FROM dual;
    Get the name of the current oracle instance and user id

     select name,user from v$database

    Query to see who has access to your package

    select grantee, table_name, privilege
         from dba_tab_privs
           table_name = 'YOUR_PACKAGE_NAME'

    Query to see what tables are being used in your package
    SELECT a.owner schema_name, package_name,a.referenced_name table_name,b.COMMENTSFROM dba_dependencies a,dba_tab_comments bWHERE TYPE IN ('TABLE', 'PACKAGE BODY')

    and referenced_type ='TABLE'

    and name like ('%CSAS%')


    /*select * from dba_tab_comments where comments is not null*/

    I will keep adding other usefull queries here.... Connection reset

    One reason of this exception I have noticed is when user clicked on a link in your website and before it was loaded completly user clicked anotehr link on the same page.

    This causes Connection reset