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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

pls-00201 identifier must be declared Oracle

I Created a new package in a schema let's call it "A" and was trying to run a function in that package using my own ID.

Oracle was showing me this error  "pls-00201 identifier must be declared " , after a little research I found that I had to grant execute on this package to my user ID otherwise Oracle will show me the above error so I executed below command as the Schema owner of  "A"

grant execute on A to My_User_id

and only then I was able to run the functions in the package "A"

Thanks to the below link

Let's define the steps to be done here to avoid error "pls-00201 identifier must be declared "

  1. Create a package
  2. Grant execute access to your user or role to that package
  3. Try to run any pricedure in that package , you should be able to do it now as you have been granted the execute rights on it.

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