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Sunday, September 15, 2013

ERROR ~ IO Exception attempting to acquire interprocess lock

Problem Statement
I was getting below exception in my Documentum code (DFC) yesterday

ERROR ~ IO Exception attempting to acquire interprocess lock /bea/documentumCache/cache/6.7.1000.0027/bof/myDocBase/content.lck (No such file or directory)

I was able to login successfully on Documentum but the above problem comes when I was trying to fetch a folder’s content like below

IDfFolder folder = session.getFolderByPath(folderPath);

Reason :
Luckily found out the reason after discussing it with server team , we found out that a the
folder "/bea/documentumCache/cache/6.7.1000.0027/bof/myDocBase" was recently being deleted by the server team. And somehow it was not created again by documentum/weblogic.

Solution :
Like Always once we knew the reason the solution was very easy , we restarted the weblogic server and I believe weblogic/documentum created all those needed folders again. Now I am able to fetch the contents of my folder and do other operations like workflow e.t.c. without any problem.

Note :
Exceptions like this may waste a significant amount of our time to find out the solution while others may have already faced the same problem and their knowledge can be used and solution can be applied in no time.

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